Margaret Whiting's COMPLETE London Recordings
On CD For The First Time

Together with Peggy Lee and Patti Page, Margaret Whiting was the only other female vocalist to have hits in the '40s, '50s and even in the late '60s, when the rock and roll sound sidetracked the career of most of her peers. But unlike Peggy, Margaret's '60s recordings -- made with producer Arnold Goland and released on the London label -- have remained unissued in the digital era. Now, Real Gone Music, in conjunction with the Whiting estate, is reissuing Margaret's COMPLETE London recordings in two 25-track volumes, with notes by highly esteemed music critic Will Friedwald and pictures from the Whiting family's private archive. The pop vocal find of the year!

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The Wheel of Hurt (Deluxe Edition)


Margaret's first album for London--remastered from the original stereo master tapes -- incorporated contemporary and country influences (to which she was no stranger, having charted with all those Jimmy Wakely duets in the '40s and '50s) into her sound and scored a Top 40 hit with the title track in 1966. We've added a full 13 rare single sides including her German-language version of "Wheel of Hurt" for a total of 25 tracks, all on CD for the first time!


1.      The Wheel of Hurt

2.      You Donít Have To Say You Love Me

3.      The World Inside Your Arms

4.      Winchester Cathedral

5.      Somewhere Thereís Love

6.      Where Do I Stand

7.      It Hurts To Say Goodbye

8.      Time After Time

9.      Show Me A Man

10.     You Wonít Be Sorry, Baby

11.     Nothing Lasts Fovever

12.     But Why



13.     Letís Pretend

14.     Faithfully

15.     Canít Get You Out Of My Mind

16.     Maybe Just One More

17.     Where Was I

18.     Loveís The Only Answer

19.     At The Edge Of The Ocean

20.     Love Has A Way

21.     (ďZĒ Theme) Life Goes On

22.     Until Itís Time For You To Go

23.     Iíll Tell Him Today

24.     The Wheel of Hurt (German version)

25.     Nothing Lasts Forever (German version)


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Maggie Isn't Margaret Anymore/Pop Country


This release marks the CD debuts for both Margaret's 1967 album Maggie Isn't Margaret Anymore and her 1968 album Pop Country, both remastered from the original stereo master tapes, to which we've appended four unreleased tracks. More groovy sounds from one of the all-time great songbirds!






1.      Only Love Can Break A Heart

2.      Thereís A Kind Of Hush

3.      My Cup Runneth Over

4.      Just Like A Man

5.      By Now

6.      I Remember You

7.      This Is My Song

8.      Somethiní Stupid

9.      Here To Stay

10.     Because

11.     If This Is Goodbye



12.     I Hate To See Me Go

13.     Release Me

14.     I Love You So Much It Hurts

15.     I Canít Help It

16.     I Canít Stop Loving You

17.     I Almost Called Your Name

18.     You Donít Know Me

19.     Gentle On My Mind

20.     It Keeps Right On A Hurtiní

21.     Am I Losing You


BONUS TRACKS (previously unreleased)

22.     Iím Losing My Mind

23.     Boys Fall In Love

24.     The Heart Of A Sailor

25.     Believe In Me


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